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Learning To Rest – You Are Not Lazy, You Are Not Behind – By Shovorne Adams

November 30, 2023|In Christian Living, Family, Time with God, Lifestyle, Prayer|By Shovorne Adams|3 Minutes Learning To Rest - You Are Not Lazy, You Are Not Behind. It’s that time of the year when I start seeing these motivational and super moving posts/reels with messages about how there are only ‘X’ amount of days left in the year and even if you haven’t achieved all you’ve set out to do this year, if you just focus enough, you can accomplish it all. You can do…

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The Little That You Have – by Shovorne Adams

October 19, 2022|In Christian Living|By Shovorne Adams When life is bountiful, overflowing, our cup runneth over, and all is well, it’s easy to give, bless, share, and show kindness, when you have plenty. To gift others from your overflow is still a gift, but what about when you have very little to present? In your cup is just dregs. It takes heart to give from the little that we have. “He looked up and saw the rich dropping their offerings into the temple treasury. He also saw a…

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Stepping out in Faith with you feel there is no room for you as a Christian Entrepreneur

My Friend, It’s Time To Bloom. Stepping out in faith when you feel there is no room for you – by Shovorne Adams

May 21, 2022|In Know Your Worth, Entrepreneurship, Christian Entrepreneurship|By Shovorne Adams|8 Minutes|30 CommentsGirl, If You Are Looking For A Sign, This Is It!(This is a republished post from October 2018) Trust me I’ve been there? God’s been telling you what you should do but you’re fighting against your calling. Putting the signs down to coincidence or feeling that if you do this first, or get that done first then the time will be right. Plus others are doing it so well and…

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Married couple

(Un)Deserving of Love – by Shovorne Adams

In Christian Living|May 7, 2022|2 Comments|By Shovorne Adams|7 Minutes I was fuming. One thing that angers me more than a bully is a group of bullies. There’s always that one main mean girl and her (so-called) friends. The friends don’t always bully their victim directly, but they encourage the main mean girl and her unkind behaviour with giggles and whispers that validate her reasons for being nasty. Urgh!!! One thing I can’t stand is a group of mean girls, especially when…

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The Hope Table UK based Christian blog for Christian women based on Bible verses in Matthew 2

It’s Time to Get Re-routed – by Shovorne Adams

March 7, 2022|In Bible, Christian Living|By Shovorne Adams Protecting Him from the Elements2 weeks after giving birth to my youngest son, we moved to the shores of the Kent coast. 17 months later, I’m still asking myself why I thought the timing was a good idea; it was a two and a half-hour drive, and the M25 is notorious for bad traffic. Not only is moving house one of the top 20 stressors in life, my post-natal body still wasn’t functioning properly yet, and my two-week-old human…

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Six scriptures for when you've lost your confidence

RESTORED – 6 Scriptures for When You’ve Lost Your Confidence – by Shovorne Adams

January 1, 2022|In Faith|By Shovorne AdamsMany of us start life confident.As a little girl, I spoke my mind, road my bike and my skateboard down steep hills, and wore whatever I liked, whether it was in fashion or not. My black Roger Rabbit skirt with a matching top and tiny sparkly silver stars all over was the absolute bomb, and so were my Batman jeans. If I could find a pair, I would don them now. I was excited to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal every Friday, and I didn’t consider…

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Word of the year

How to Choose a Word of the Year

December 31, 2021|In Word of The Year|By Shovorne AdamsIt’s the last day of 2021! Well, that crept upon us! While many will be choosing a New Years Resolution. On the other hand, I will be leaning in for a word of the year. What's the difference between a New Years Resolution and a word of the year?A New Years ResolutionA New Years resolution is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something on the first day of the year: For example, “Have…

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three things to leave behind in 2021, perfectionism, distraction and comparison

Three things to leave behind in 2021: Perfectionism, Distraction & Comparison – by Shovorne Adams

Comparison is not just the thief of Joy. It’s also the thief of dreams, a destroyer of friendships, an enemy to peace and contentment and the shamer of potential. Social comparison is a natural behaviour to humans, and it starts in the toddler years. It’s like a way of seeing where we fit in the world. But what we didn’t bank on was social media exposing us to what everyone is doing ALL of the time, giving us a constant…

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14 Scriptures About Peace – by Shovorne Adams

It hasn’t been easy. Not for me and not for most. That’s why I wanted us to spend the last 2 weeks of 2020 meditating on the peace that God has given to us. Worry, fear, conspiracy, hopelessness, loss, loneliness and isolation, are just a few of the words frequently used in the present-day ether. But, as women of God that is not how we are called to live.

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