November 30, 2023|In Time with God, Lifestyle, Prayer, Christian Living, Family|By Shovorne Adams|3 Minutes

Learning To Rest - You Are Not Lazy, You Are Not Behind.

It’s that time of the year when I start seeing these motivational and super moving posts/reels with messages about how there are only ‘X’ amount of days left in the year and even if you haven’t achieved all you’ve set out to do this year, if you just focus enough, you can accomplish it all. You can do it all! I immediately want to grab my notepad and pen, hash out that to-do list and get grafting. But here’s what I’m learning: Not every good (sounding) message is for me.

Just because it sounds good, wise, and gives you all the feels as your favourite Christian preacher or influencer on the gram delivers their powerful message via that aesthetically pleasing REEL with that gospel track that always hits you in the heart playing in the background, it doesn’t mean that message is FOR YOU.


Let’s be honest: many of us ladies can do the ‘work hard’ part, but we struggle with the resting part. We can do the ‘show up’ part but struggle with the ‘sit down and relax’ part. If we are not being productive or seen to be doing something by those around us (and even God sometimes,) we feel lazy. Girl, rest is not a sin. In fact, it’s a divine prescription.

(SIDE NOTE: If you’re reading this and you are not in a season of rest, girl, we are praying for you, cheering you on, and we love seeing you win. Take what you need from this post and leave the rest xx)


If God has called you into a season of rest in this period of your life, stay in rest mode. Don’t let anything take you off the divine agenda God has set for your life in this moment. When God has called you into a season to rest, retreat and reset, don’t let anything or anyone convince you to return to the front line. You’re not lazy. You’re not missing out, and you are not ‘falling behind’.

A couple of months ago, in a conversation with my most beautiful friend, she mentioned “Taking up ‘uncommanded works'”, which has stuck with me ever since.

Blog for Christian Women - Learning to Rest
Blog for Christian Women - Learning to Rest
Blog for Christian Women - Learning to Rest - Quote about rest
Blog for Christian Women - Learning to Rest - Quote about rest

You, in your season of rest, are precisely where the Lord wants and needs you to be right now. What He is doing with you in the secret place that no one knows about is just as significant and powerful as what He will do with you in the public place in the right season.

Signing off for the rest of 2023, I look forward to doing friendship, community and all types of growth in 2024, Yours Truly,

Founder of The Hope Table

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