Word of The Year

Word of the year

How to Choose a Word of the Year

December 31, 2021|In Word of The Year|By Shovorne AdamsIt’s the last day of 2021! Well, that crept upon us! While many will be choosing a New Years Resolution. On the other hand, I will be…

How to choose your word of the year by Shovorne Adams at The Hope Table. Ideas and a list for your word of the year 2020

7 ways to choose your word of the year & a list of over 101 words to choose from - By Shovorne Adams

What's the difference between a New Year's Resolution and a word of the year? Your word of the year can be life-changing. Of course, there is nothing special about…

How to choose your word of the year

Here's How My 2019 Word of The Year Helped Me To Make Room For What Matters

As I scribbled the word’s “Speak the word of God FEARLESSLY” in my Bible I considered that Paul was in jail YET still passionate about his faith in Jesus Christ. He determined that EVEN IN CHAINS…