10 Prayer Journaling Prompts For When You Feel Anxious – by Cassidy Heart

There it is again; that all too familiar feeling that seems to come out of nowhere and swallow you whole.

I know for me, this happens most when I am right about to go to sleep. Suddenly, an unwelcome thought finds it’s way past the walls of my heart and mind and quickly take root there.

Often, once this happens, at least for me anyway, there seems to be no way out. I try to pray there in the darkness, covered up under my favourite soft blankets, but sometimes my mind seems to so effortlessly return to what I am worried about.

I know I can’t be the only one, right?

But for me, it is often these anxious evening hours where I break out my prayer journal and my Bible because when I am actually writing, I can be much more focused and intentional about what I am doing. This helps me not be swallowed up by the feeling of overwhelm.

I have found that intentionally refocusing the mind on certain things helps tremendously whenever I am feeling anxious and overwhelmed. What better thing to do than follow the instructions of the old hymn and turn our eyes upon Jesus.


cassidy heart prayer journal prompts
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I hope these 10 prayer journaling prompts can be an encouragement and a help to you as you prayerfully navigate through whatever you are anxious about or overwhelmed about.

1. What is your favourite verse in Scripture about God’s love? Why?

2. What is your favourite attribute of God and why?

3. What are your favourite Bible verses about strength and perseverance? Pray through those verses, asking God to make those a reality in your life.

4. Take time to express gratitude to God for His sufficiency and strength.

5. If you knew that all the power of heaven was behind you and truly rooting for you, what would you do?

6. God is so amazing! His wisdom fashioned each star in the sky and every molecule of the universe. How does knowing that He ardently loves you, has a purpose for your life, and desires good for you impact the way you see what is causing you overwhelm?

7. Take time to pray through the names of God, focusing on one or two that really speak to you and what you are struggling through.

8. Pray for another person who is going through a similar situation.

9. What is a song that God has been using to speak to you during this time of overwhelm and anxiety? Incorporate lines from that song in a prayer of trust and surrender to God.

10. Are there things in your life that are triggers for these anxious feelings? Prayerfully ask God if there are things in your life that you need to let go of, remove, or change.

I hope that these 10 prayer-journaling prompts can be a blessing to you as you navigate through this season of your life.

Prayer journal prompts by Cassidy Heart

prayer journaling prompts for when you feel anxious



Prayer journal prompts for when you are feeling anxious



Prayer journal prompts for when you are feeling anxious

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