Have you ever had the feeling you’re not able to do what God has told you to do?

You feel drawn towards a calling or you’ve received a word or confirmation about what you’re called to do next, you’re even passionate and excited about it, but you also feel scared and worried you don’t have sufficient ability or the skill or enough training or qualifications to deliver?

Have you ever thought “it’s great that God is using *input name here* he/she is great, oozes confidence and was so made for this”? You clap for them but when God wants to use you, bring on the excuses why you’re not ready for the call. Deep down you know your purpose and calling, but also feel like you’re not enough. Maybe you feel unworthy because of who you used to be and past mistakes.

 Or maybe you know you have some of the skills and attributes and you’re practising little steps of faith but there’s that one thing God is asking you to do and it feels BIG, so you’re holding back on doing it? Maybe you’re scared of failure or you tried before and failed.

 Do you feel embarrassed about it and care about what other people might say when they learn that God has called you to preach, or to write a Christian book, or to start that business or blog or go to Bible college or whatever it is. Maybe its other people’s opinions holding you back, because you’re unsure of how they’ll receive it?

You’re not the only one!

You are not the only one, my dear. Here are a few quotes from a treasured friend of ours – a ‘biblical mentor’ as I like to call him.

  • “Who am I that I should go?…” Exodus 3:11  
  • “What if they don’t believe me…Exodus 4:1  
  • “But I’m not an eloquent, not in the past and not recently…. because my mouth and my tongue are sluggish” Exodus 4:10  
  • “Please Lord send someone! Exodus 4:14 
  • “How will either party listen to me if I am a poor speaker” Exodus 6:12 
  • “Since I am such a poor speaker how will Pharoah listen to me” Exodus 6:30 

Those are the words of Moses.

See! You’re not the only one. One of the greatest leaders to walk this planet can identify with how you feel.  Today we are going to walk through Moses’ past, the moment he is called, his objections and his BREAK-THROUGHS to see what we can learn to assist our faith journey, when we too are doubting that we’re ready for the call.


Let’s Open Our Bibles

Let’s look at this together. In Exodus 1,2 & 3 we can almost see why Moses ends up in a doubtful place. At the surface level, he doesn’t have the best start.

  • He is born a Hebrew boy in Egypt delivered under the threat of being murdered 
  • He is given up at birth for his safety & then adopted into an Egyptian family & lifestyle 
  • He’s in a place where he never quite feels a sense of belonging 
  • He grows up with the privileges of an Egyptian prince but identified with the slaves of the day, his true people, the Hebrews and therefore doesn’t easily identify with either community 
  • He ends up committing a crime and killing an Egyptian to save an Israelite.  
  • The very next day when trying to reconcile two Hebrew men in an argument, he is rejected by them. His own people who basically say ‘who do you think you are? Who made you judge over us?’ then remind him of the murder that he committed the day before. (Don’t yo just hate when people throw your past in your face?)
  • Pharaoh tries to kill him 
  • Moses, he r