Anyone else ever feel like we move through life in a bit of a blur…or is that just me?

  • Hair, nails, make-up, lashes – DONE
  • Kids somewhat presentable – DONE
  • Groceries – DONE
  • Family time – in hand
  • Social life – in hand
  • Chores – in hand
  • Career & Finances – in hand
  • Time with God – in hand
  • Me time – pending….

Well, that’s somewhat a representation of my life’s to-do-list (minus the kids…for now lol).

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Forever Busy Being Busy

It’s funny, I’m forever busy being busy.  Often compromising me time and time with God whilst most of my time is consumed doing the day-to-day bits and bobs.

Life can be so busy simply living that we become consumed with the things that we tend to prioritise or deem important.

How the Pandemic has Helped ME

This pandemic has really helped me to utilise my time. Don’t get me wrong, I see the crisis happening in the world, and sometimes this whole lockdown gets to me, usually the mere fact that I can’t do what I want to do…. Or rather what I’m used to doing!

Increasingly throughout this time, I’ve somehow adapted. Good old Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. I think we’ve all shown our ability to adapt in this time, I’d say we’re a pretty intelligent bunch.  Plus being women, I guess God’s given us an extra dose of adaptability…. Wouldn’t you agree?

For me, I’ve been able to re-evaluate what I deem to be the necessities in life. I’m certainly utilising my loungewear, no bra and the fresh-faced looked. How ever will I cope going back to getting dolled up and a busy lifestyle?!

In life, it’s easy to become consumed with the busyness that we create for ourselves. I’m now learning to challenge myself to sieve out what’s really important and shifting my focus to the things of God. The term “God standard” springs to mind. Essentially, aiming to live a standard of life that pleases God (as best as humanly possible).

At last, my focus has shifted, I now have time to be in the Word more and more. Weekly Bible studies, daily prayer meetings and I even get lost in the nature God’s put around us and simply bask in the amazing world we live in… FINALLY, I’ve found me time.

My prayer for us all is that when it comes to God, we can have tunnel vision, our self-made life necessities become a blur, while things of God become our main focus.

Written By Rhiannon Surage

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