Prayer journaling prompts for when you feel anxious

10 Prayer Journaling Prompts For When You Feel Anxious - By Cassidy Heart

There it is again; that all too familiar feeling that seems to come out of nowhere and swallow you whole. I know for me, this happens most when I am right about to go to sleep. Suddenly, an unwelcome…

Tamar Spencer founder of bor 4a purpose born for a purpose

Know Who You Are & Whose You Are - By Tamar Spencer

God is our creator and He has called us to His divine purpose, which is to dwell with Him with the understanding of WHO WE ARE & WHOSE WE ARE! You have been Born for a Purpose. You have been put…

What is my purpose

You Were Made With Purpose & Made For More - By Amanda Chenai

We Are Creating A Space To Explore Purpose & Being Made For More