Hi I'm Adeola. I am a mother of a 12 year-old young lady (going on 30 currently) and the coolest 10 year-old gentleman, married for 14 years to my better half (1st baby).

I am the 2nd of 4 siblings, originally from Nigeria. Moved to the UK over 20 years ago for better education and a bright future I was told.

Tell us about your business...

Because we watch a lot of food network shows, we got to know about food markets/food festivals. On this faithful weekend, we heard about a food festival locally, we got so excited about eating different types of cuisine (we are big foodies). But sadly, we were so disappointed with the choices; burgers, hotdogs, Chinese; then and there, we thought, wow we could so do this with Nigerian food.  Two weeks after that, we were at our 1st show, and we have not looked back. Within 2 years of trading, we were and are still the only African Food Stall to attend Glastonbury. The road has been very bumpy, but God has been faithful and continues to open doors of opportunities for us.
We were the winners of the Best Tastiest Festival Food 2019 has voted by Skiddle and Association of Independent Festivals.
Festival Caterer of the Year award

How has the lockdown effected your business?

We are taking it easier and using the time to strategise for 2021 as most of our festivals have been cancelled for this year.

Currently, we are working through the logistics of getting set up for delivery via Just Eat and waiting on their approval. Further information will be shared on our social media platforms shortly.

How has your faith influenced you and your journey?

I used to be a worrier, to an extent, God is still working in me. But since starting this business, I have learnt to trust God with every aspect of the company. Even when the boss (my husband) makes business decisions that do not sit right with me, I just hand it over to God, and somehow hubby changes his decisions. The 1st time it happened, it blew my mind, and I have every confidence that God will always come through for us.
I am not one to pray for hours on end, I believe that when I have prayed, and I have peace concerning any issue, all I need to do is thank God for evidence of my prayer.
I am not a great reader. I’m secretly jealous of those around me that read a lot. So listening to sermons and podcasts help me a lot. Worship music is something I cannot live without, it transports me to the Throne of God (I am groupie for Elevation Worship)!

What is your favourite motivational quote?

"O ye Olorun" which translates as God understands, it is a Yoruba saying my mother-in-law says. It is so true of everything in this life. God totally understands everything we go through.

If you're reading this right now and need to be encouraged, I'd say:

Trust God and trust in your ability to push through. God is always mindful of us and only wants the best for us. Sometimes the road to the best is long and bumpy, but know that His thoughts towards you will always be of good.

Adeola Amisu

Dear Hope Sister,

Thanks for checking our monthly feature. Each month we’ll be introducing a Christian woman that is an example of love, grace and all things fabulous! Today we share with you, the entrepreneurial chef, Adeola, as our May Hope Dealer of the month.

We met way way waaaay back when we both worked in corporate banking. It’s wonderful to see that we’re both making our dreams comes true! Side by side. Bossbabe next to Bossbabe!

I love that she’s not letting this lockdown dampen her business, but instead, is using this time to find new ways of serving her customers. She’s a beautiful example of faith, family, focus and hope! 

I hope you are blessed by the little snapshot of her life.

Please tune in next month when we’ll meet another Christian mover and shaker.

With Heart & Hope,

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Adeola Amisu Christian Entrepreneur and owner of Flavors of Africa
Adeola Amisu Christian Entrepreneur and owner of Flavors of Africa
Adeola Amisu Christian Entrepreneur and owner of Flavors of Africa

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