Hi sweet sisters! My name is Megan Hansel, and we are about to get real, VERY FAST!

I am a picture of God’s grace as a wife and momma. Fun fact, I grew up never wanting to be a wife or a mom. I wanted to CLIMB the corporate ladder and be that “bossbabe” that needed NO one and no man. I never knew what I wanted out of life except to be SOMEONE in corporate America. Three summers, I worked at a camp for special needs kids and adults. It changed everything about me. I learned unconditional love from those campers, and I met a southern boy (Russ) that made my heart explode.

We got married at 21, I started a career that I did not like, but with time I began to find my niche in being a saleswoman. 5 years into our marriage I had a baby girl, Russ and I became leaders in our small group, and we were living the “christian pretend game”. Our marriage wasn’t a relationship and 5.5 years in we found our marriage broken. I was heartbroken.

Our church said we needed to separate for a while and my husband and I went through many counselling sessions. I  have NEVER been more hurt in my life, the pain was overwhelming from the things that were hidden from me, and I was broken. You know what though? Although it was the hardest time in my life, it was also the most beautiful time in our marriage. All we could do was cling to who Jesus said He was and the nights that I could not breathe, HE gave me air in my lungs.

My husband worked really really really hard to restore himself and our marriage and fought to put our family back. He became the man of my dreams during that time. And God changed both of us through Godly counsellors that POURED into us and so much grace. Now, looking back, I know that during those months, God was preparing us for so much more. Our marriage was restored, and while that was happening, we became pregnant with our 2nd baby girl. ALL of that was the turning point in our lives. After sweet baby girl was born, I was working 55 hours a week, and I was tired of just seeing my babies 2 hours a day.

I was THRIVING at my work and climbing that ladder I wanted, but I HATED EVERY SECOND. Crazy how much I had changed after I met my first baby.  All I wanted was to provide for my family while being home with them. Not really practical in corporate America. So a month after my 2nd was born I found my niche in direct sales (total joke right? Opposite of the prideful desires of my heart, people mocked me for a long time) and in 4 months retired from my corporate job and now lead a team of  4000+ women. I’m able to share my story and help others build a future for themselves. If it was not for the counselling, the grace, and my sweet, amazing, and loving husband, NONE OF THAT would’ve happened. God used what Satan meant for evil, and turned it into something so good and so beautiful.

Who or what lights you up? What brings a glow to your hearts and brings you joy?

Well that hottie with a body, Russ is my best friend and makes me pee my pants when I laugh… My sweet girls drive me crazy but I love being their mommy more than anything. I love EVERYTHING about coffee. I love family dinners around the table. I love making people laugh. I have some incredible friends and a bestie that completes me. Also, reading a good book that gives me JOY!

How has faith in God influenced you and your journey? What scriptures are important to you in this season?

Man, have y’all ever read Esther? LIKE REALLY READ ESTHER?? It is dark, and not this glorious thing we were taught in Sunday School. God was not even mentioned in the entire book! I just did a Bible Study on this, and it opened my eyes to how I have been studying the Bible ALL WRONG! I learned the art of “Bible Mapping” look it up sister, you will love it. Anyways, throughout Esther, God had good for His people even in the DISGUSTING world they were living in. It is wild how God uses people that are not perfect or put together. He uses anyone, isn’t that so refreshing?! I find so MUCH freedom in that because your girl right here is a HOT MESS EXPRESS. Please tell me you understand that?!

What’s coming up for you? Any exciting plans, hopes and dreams for the near future?

We are having our 3rd baby girl in the next few weeks, selling our house, Lord willing buying a dream house to us and my husband will be starting a food truck soon. Ok and the scary one?! Dream with me for a second? I want to start a podcast with my bestie soon!

The Hope Table Blog for Christian women sharing their gift through faith and entrepreneurship

“The most expensive thing in life is a missed opportunity.”

Megan Hansel

“You are one idea, one risk, one decision away from a totally different life. Of course, it’ll probably be the toughest decision you ever make, the scariest risk you ever take. But if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small.”

Mark Batterson, Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small

Here's my final word for any woman reading this right now and needs to be encouraged:

Girlfriend, listen to me. Pretend you are having coffee with me at my house in my cute little coffee nook with my Rae Dunn mug in your hand. You with me?! Look me in the eyes, YOU were designed to do BIG & MIGHTY things. DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE’S opinions stop you from chasing the dreams and desires God has given you in the depths of your heart! He has made you to achieve so much, do not let the fear of others stop you from doing the very thing you were created for. You were not made to be mediocre, you were gifted with one life, so be BOLD, be YOU.

“My why has changed, it is now to help motivate, inspire, and help other women to do more for themselves and their family. I want others to see what they are capable of, instead of just surviving, I want people to THRIVE!”

Megan Hansel

Dear Hope Sister,

Thank you for reading our new monthly feature. Each month we’ll be introducing a Christian woman that is an example of love, grace and all things fabulous! I am absolutely buzzing to have Megan as our first Hope Dealer of the month.

I don’t know how you see social media, as many see it as a negative place, but if you look hard enough, you will find the blessings in it. Connecting us with other fabulous women across the globe is one of them! I met Megan through social media back in summer 2018, and she has been the perfect spoonful of sugar and a ray of sunshine to light up a girls day!

I hope you were motivated and blessed by reading a speck of her colourful & beautiful story.

We wish her all the best with her new baby – girl number three, how exciting! And we are counting down for the new podcast! We can’t wait to subscribe.

Please tune in next month when we’ll be introducing another Christian mover and shaker.

With Heart & Hope,

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