Don’t Just Dream The Dream, Ignite Your Inner Entrepreneur – Here’s how

Are you a potential Christian entrepreneur with a dream, vision or idea that is just that, a dream, vision or idea? Here’s some encouragement to help you go from dreamer to entrepreneur in one small step.

Marie Forleo, one of my fave business mentors and influencers, sent out the most awesome email (as she always does) to her students.

You’re a leader and a shining example of entrepreneurial possibility — showing the world what it looks like to do business from a place of love, truth and service.

So many people talk about following their dreams, but it’s only a tiny fraction of humanity (read: YOU) who are actually going for it each and every day…”

She got me. I read through the rest of her inspirational email moist-eyed and believing in myself. As entrepreneurs it’s natural to occasionally get stuck. But after that email, I was fired up into action. As I’ve spent years working with women of faith and helping them to blossom right where they are, I’ve loved being able speak words of life into their souls, just like Marie did for me just then through her email. Having it said back felt oh-so-beautiful. In fact, life-giving. Life-giving to my dreams.

This line in particular:

“So many people talk about following their dreams, but it’s only a tiny fraction of humanity (read: YOU) who are actually going for it each and every day…”

Christian Entrepreneur

Here’s why that line in Marie’s email meant so much to me, and why it’ll mean something to you if you’re an budding entrepreneurial bad-ass! Because it’s the darn truth. It’s not all about having great ideas! That’s one of the first things I learned during my Business Entrepreneurship degree when studying different entrepreneurial styles and personality traits. In fact, maybe it’s one of the most important things.

It takes something special to not just DREAM THE DREAM, but also ‘TAKE ACTION’ to make it come true. Thinking of the idea doesn’t make you an entrepreneur, it just makes you a person that can think of great ideas. Sometimes we’re willing to spend so much time telling people about our ideas (secretly just seeking validation) but we’re unwilling to spend the time it takes to get the work done. It’s the ‘doing attitude’ that counts! Faith without works is dead!

Neither is it all about of money…

OK, yes, girl, money is a rewarding, delightful and a welcomed bonus, but it’s not the primary incentive that usually drives the majority of us. Most of us want to make money so that we can get paid to do what we love, whilst providing for ourselves, families and equally to re-invest into serving others, with our business as the catalyst.

Here’s what it’s really about to me:

  • It’s about identifying a need and using your gift to serve that need
  • It’s about seeing an opportunity that your creativity and solution-finding-ability can fulfil
  • It’s about knowing where your abundance can overflow to grace the lives of others.
  • It’s about influencing your corner of the world for the better
  • It’s about taking ACTION!

The hard bits!

Will you face challenges? Oh yeah!

Will you ever doubt why you even started? Yes, that too.

Will you ever feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do? Of course.

Will you ever feel stuck? Often!

Does that mean you’re the wrong sister for this?

Heeeell no! It only means you’re going to learn something new and grow a little more. Maybe get a little more determined, find a new collaboration, or develop new skills to overcome whatever is holding you back. Your challenges become a place to grow, build character, resilience and compassion – for yourself and others.


Here’s a connection that every females entrepreneur needs:

If you’re a woman that wants to start or grow in business, then Marie Forleo is your go-to-woman. If you haven’t signed to be an MF Insider, I highly recommend you do so.

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie’s mission is to help you become the person you’re meant to be and use your gifts to change the world. She’s the creator of the award-winning online show MarieTV, founder of B-School and has been featured in Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine among others. Marie has mentored young business owners at Richard Branson’s Centre of Entrepreneurship and through her Change Your Life, Change The World initiative, a portion of profits are donated to support women, education, the environment and entrepreneurship. is one of’s Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs.

Marie Forleo
Credit: Eric Michael Pearson

Marie encouraged me, and now I want to pay that encouragement forward. That’s what The Hope Table Sisterhood is about. It’s about building up and championing the sisters at your table. It’s also about grabbing a chair for the next sister and making room for her to join you and the others at the table. It’s about joining hands and helping one another along as we impact the world through Jesus and Entrepreneurship.


And we challenge one another. So, if there’s one thing that you’ve been putting off doing, I have a challenge for you.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Whether you’re yet to start or you need to develop your idea to go to the next level, after reading this post, I want you to switch off any unnecessary devices. Turn off Netflix or Real Housewives of Potomac, log out of your social media platforms (all of them), basically eliminate any distractions and do the darn thing!


Stop over-thinking it and do it. Be like Nike.

You’ll feel so much better afterwards. I promise you. Sometimes, we procrastinate on something for weeks, months, even years. It lingers in our head-space as an annoying mental to do list. Free your mind girl! You don’t have to finish right now, you just have to start it. Take one small step. Even if it doesn’t ‘all’ make sense yet.


“But I don’t know where to start” I hear you say.

You don’t have to start with a million bucks, or or with everything in place. Just start where you are.

Here are 17 simple suggestions for a first-step. You only have to choose one (of course you could choose more):

    • Write the vision down
    • Make the call
    • Send the email
    • Plan your next steps
    • Schedule actions in your diary
    • Reach out to organisations that offer free business planning (my local library and university do. Yours might too)
    • Download a business plan online
    • Start research on the internet
    • Sketch the idea out
    • Find out if there’s a course
    • Purchase a book or magazine on the topic
    • Check out YouTube videos or Pinterest
    • Get a coach
    • Book a webinar
    • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
    • Speak to some YOU TRUST or those you hope to serve to find out what they think/or need
    • ____________________________________________________(whatever other action you need to take….fill it in here)


It just takes ONE action to start. I can’t tell you exactly what action you need to take because I’m 2 screens away, only you really know what you need to do to get the ball moving.

Start your own business and become a Christian entrepreneur

Here are a few of my fave quotes to ignite you into action:

“Small steps (before it all makes sense) really are big steps” – Jordan Lee Dooley, Founder of SoulScripts

“The critical ingredient is getting of your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. Lot of people have ideas, but there are a few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week but today. The true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer’ – Noel Bushnell, founder of Atari and the video games industry”

“You can stay in the boat and watch the miracle, or you can step out of the boat and be a part of the miracle” Me 🙂 Shovorne Charly Adams. founder of The Hope Table Sisterhood


Here are my last words on this post:

Dear Dreamer, Your God-given dreams will reveal the potential. When you awaken from dreaming, and grasp the reality of all you are meant to be, you’ll become a woman of action that makes them happen.

You are:








and perfect for the job.

And as one of my faves Emily would, say “You Are Enough”.


I can’t wait to witness the dreams of your soul, become an asset to this world.

With Heart & Hope,

Shovorne Charly Adams


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