‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ one-to-one

Have you ever had a blunt knife in your kitchen? We do and we still use it! A blunt knife is still a knife. The problem is it’s not as effective as is should be. The fresh bread loaf cannot be sliced neatly, cutting hard veggies like sweet potato takes extra effort and you end up losing lots of the flesh of the food when peeling and lastly a blunt knife squashes down my yummy sponge cake rather than going straight through.

A sharpened knife on the other hand, shines more and pierces and cuts more efficiently performing better at its job. It’s doing well what is was made to do!

Do you feel that you need sharpening in a particular area of life or business right now? Is that a particular challenge or project where you could do with being fully sharpened but don’t quite feel there yet? Is your sword sharp, Warrior Woman for Christ? In Ephesians 6 when talking about the armour of God the sword is your offensive piece of your wardrobe.

There is something about coming together in the name of Jesus with the word of God as our living sword that equips us and prepares us. The word of God both encourages and equips. We too, are called to encourage one another and sharpens iron sharpen iron is the idea that our interactions both encourages and corrects enabling you to grown in your skills at handling life’s challenge.

Proverbs 31 vs 26 says our entrepreneurial lady “opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue”. Whatever you are working on I am here to help and encourage you prayerfully.

This is our one hour intensive couching package; a 1 to 1 discussion about any challenge, project or idea you would like to talk about. This will take place over Skype. Use the form to book an hour that suits you.