Saved and single don't settle for less

Saved and Single Part 1 – Don’t settle for less

Hey Beautiful,

– You are God’s wonderful and extravagant work of art.

– You are the cherry on top of God’s creative masterpiece

– You are a beautiful

– You are worthy

– You are so uniquely valuable that you are priceless

I just wanted to remind you of the truths above and that there is a very small snippet of the wonders of you! There are just so many layers of awesomeness to you! I’m so thankful that God designed you for a time such as this!

I speak to Christian single ladies that are fed up of being single and rush…….to date the wrong guy. They feel like they are the only single one left on the planet (which is not really the truth) and that sometimes makes them wanna compromise! Sometimes that might be to compromise on their Christian values, their relationship standards and expectations, what God has told them and other areas of life. Celebrations life valentines day, come and go, but make some singles feel even more sensitive about being single!

Well girl, I can relate and it doesn’t have to be that way. The more you know God, the more you fall in love with Him, then the more you get to know who you are in Christ, the more you realise that God is all you need! God knows the right time FOR EVERYTHING so just chill girl! Your relationship with God is key and priority!

Ok, let’s get to it. I promise not to keep you for long!

Remember, remember the 5th of November! 🎉🎉🎉 Why are you talking about Bonfire night on Valentine’s day you might ask? Well, 3 years & 3 months ago, bonfire night, I had my first date with a guy that handles me like I’m the last piece of gold to exist on planet Earth. I feel so precious and I thank God 💓

However, once upon a time, in my past, as a young christian lady, I chose to stay with a guy that treated me pretty terribly. It was a relationship in which I was mentally and physically drained and it totally impacted my spiritual life for the worst (and he was a church boy) and I stayed in this horrible, unhealthy relationship for over two years.

I Didn’t Know My Worth

I didn’t know my worth. Those were the days when I was seeking my value in the created rather than the creator. Those were the days when I didn’t understand that the main man in my life, Jesus, paid the price on a cross so that I could live life more abundantly.

I realised I was putting a relationship with a man before my relationship with God and I was loving this guy more than I loved myself. We weren’t even married ya’ll. And there was me acting like I had a ring on my finger. Like if I didn’t bag him he would be the last man on earth. Do I blame him? No I had a choice. If I’m honest with myself, ‘I’ was choosing to date the wrong guys! Fixer-uppers! Girl, I was there trying to pray him into a better man and down the aisle at the same time. I realised I was so desperate to be with someone and get married because I felt marriage would validate me to the rest of the world. I felt it was a badge of honour that told the rest of the world I was worthy of being loved.  I was stuck in a horrid cycle of trying to fill a void – a void that I soon realised could only be filled by God.

Jesus Makes Us Worthy. Not The Relationship we Are In

When I started to dive into God’s word, to understand who God was, and who I was in God, then I saw change. In me. And my choices. Jesus can break every chain. And He did. I left the mean guy. As God drew me closer to Him and I committed my life to serving God,  I realised that He was all I needed! He is all that we all need. I stopped idolising marriage and the idea that it made me worthy! Jesus does that.

I decided to fully commit to ministry and serving God wholeheartedly. Even if it meant staying single forever, I felt freedom. I remember saying “God, I just want to live my life serving You and living out the purpose You created me for. If I don’t meet anyone ‘til I’m 50, I’m fine with that. I let it go, it’s in Your hands, I just want to live in Your will and serve You.” I embraced my singleness and I was loving every minute of a happy and full life. I got on with raising my boys; did my degree in business entrepreneurship; ran my own business; travelled; worked with several women’s ministries; ran events and a youth club for teen girls; and enjoyed every opportunity that God called me to.

Find Your Value in Christ, Not Man

And you know how amazing our God is, right?

Fast forward several years, right there, in my submission to God, in ministry, I made a friend. A friend that would one day be the man I am married to now. I had nothing to do with it. Jesus was right at the centre of us coming together. We’d known each other for a few years and shared an office at church for several months. We worked together on multiple Christian events and developed a beautiful friendship. My husband treats me like an absolute diamond. He knows whose son he is. And he knows whose daughter I am.

By then I knew exactly who I was in Christ and exactly what God wanted for me. My husband wasn’t my validation because God had already given me that. God was my provider, my father, my counsellor, my guide, my everything.

I will keep giving this word of encouragement because so many ladies are selling themselves short. Undervaluing themselves just because they want to be with someone, so they’re settling for less than they deserve.

Seek your value in the creator not the created.

You’re worth so much more, baby girl 😗

You’re God’s precious daughter. Don’t settle for less or stay with someone who treats you like dirt when God wants you to be with someone that will treasure you like a diamond!

In our house we’re not really big on Valentine’s day, but I will always remember the 5th of November. Our first date! If I had kept doing things my way who knows where I’d be now? But when I surrendered my desires to God, he did exceedingly and abundantly ABOVE all that I could have ever asked or hope for?

If there are 5 things I want you to take away from this:

  1. God first
  2. Spend time in Gods word for yourself to know who He is and who you are
  3. Your relationship status, single or married or complicated is not an indication of your worth
  4. Embrace the season that you are in wholeheartedly
  5. You were so worth it to Jesus

Let’s pray.

Dear God, thank you. You never cease to amaze us. You showed me I am not a victim, I am a victor and You turned my mess into a message. I pray for my sisters in Christ that are single and hoping to meet someone one day. Help us all to keep our eyes on Christ where our help comes from. You are where we find our love and hope. You supply every single one of our needs. Help us to seek first Your kingdom, knowing and trusting that everything else will be added to us.  I pray that you put a peace in her heart, knowing that you now best. Remind her of her beauty and purpose and what you want for her to be doing now and this single season. Help her to embrace and love it!

Thank you for sending your one and only son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins. He was so in love with us He gave His life for every one of us. He paid the price for our lives with His. True love. May every woman that is reading this and struggling to see her worth, find it in you. Thank you, Daddy xx Amen

Dear hubby, you are perfect for me! THANK YOU for the way you love me. I love you. Remember remember the 5th of November and happy Valentine’s day xx

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