Month: January 2022

Longing for Home - The Hope Table a UK based Christian blog for Christian women

Longing for Home by Mallory Dagher

January 18, 2022|In Christian Living|By Guest AuthorOh sweet friend, my heart is terribly longing for home. Living so far away from home is sometimes more than this heart of mine can handle. When…

Glorify God in our everyday

Glorifying God in Our Daily Lives by Ruth-Ann Clarke

January 12, 2022|In Christian Living|By Guest AuthorGlorifying God in our daily lives, what does that look like? How do we do it? Is that even possible? Well friend, I’m here to tell you it is…

Six scriptures for when you've lost your confidence

RESTORED - 6 Scriptures for When You've Lost Your Confidence by Shovorne Adams

January 1, 2022|In Faith|By Shovorne AdamsMany of us start life confident.As a little girl, I spoke my mind, road my bike and my skateboard down steep hills, and wore whatever I liked, whether it was…